API Tester

Test blog to post nonsense to while testing Looped Network’s API client.

Testing a deployment of my Write Freely client with the setup script I created. I had a shocking number of bugs in this setup script that I worked on 2 or 3 weeks ago because I'm bad at shell scripting, but I'm thinking I finally got them all ironed out.

This, of course, means if you manage to read this and click on the link right after the post goes up, the content at GitHub will be extremely wrong because the changes to my script won't be there yet.

I just updated my Python client to support not just post creation, leveraging whatever is set for the $EDITOR environment variable rather than trying to re-invent the wheel with a text editor of my own, but to also edit a local post prior to pushing it to the server. Prior to this change, assuming it works, writing the temporary file created would result in the post getting created. That would've been awful if you decided mid-writing that you no longer wanted to make it.

On the flip side, it would be relatively easy to then just run a delete command to remove it, but there should be something a bit more elegant than that. The other thing is that I wanted to add the ability to re-edit that post, which is what I'm about to test while writing this text file, prior to posting.


The re-edit ability seems to work! Now to see if posting it works. After that, I'll make another local post this blog will—hopefully—never see where I actually discard the content.

This is a second TUI post to validate that my code to delete the local Markdown file, which I completely forgot to write when I made the first post, actually works.

This is a post from the TUI version of my Write Freely client.

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel and add an editor, I decided to just use whatever the user has set for the $EDITOR environment variable to create a temporary file, read from it, and then nuke it after... though as I type this I realize I forgot to add the deletion. Not that it matters since it writes to /tmp, but it's still gross to leave things lingering until a reboot.

Anyway, hope this works!

I haven't really made any changes to my client since the very last post, but I did put together a little shell script to be able to start using it myself more readily from my VPS prior to when I'll be ready to actually create a PyPI package. This is the first post using it!

This is a local test post from a Markdown file since the same isn't working on my VPS.

Another test post from my little Python client. While implementing new features, I just learned that is a command in Vim, and wow... I feel super dumb for not realizing that. I've spent so much time recently fighting to stop getting errors about mixed indentation from the fact that I stupidly use different editors configured to handle tabs differently...

This is a test post with no title.

#python #programming

Second test post with tags. I think these are just included in the Markdown file since I now realize there isn't a property for them in the body expected by the API.

This post is testing the new tag functionality I'm trying to add. Here's to hoping that it works on the first try, something more or less unheard of with anything that I write.